Born Guilty were formed out of the ashes of Southern German Hard Rock outfit DFM in June 2004.
   That band had had some minor success on the Palatinate concert circuit and was honoured to play shows
   with the likes of Uriah Heep, Man and Tokyo Blade amongst others. Nonetheless, Frank, Benoit and  
   Matthias were dissatisfied with a set list that only featured a few original compositions and decided to
   go separate ways. Two and a half years of jamming followed and in 2007 Born Guilty played their
   first gig – an Open Air, headlining the Culture Summit in Frankenthal, Southern Germany. In the
   meantime, the band concentrated on writing additional songs and by early 2009 is ready to
   strike. There are some 20 songs ready to be recorded in a way that makes them shine as
   bright as they deserve. Born Guilty play their own kind of Hard Rock, that’s rooted deeply in
   the 70s feeling with some hints towards Blues and AC/DC. German Online Magazine “Evil
   Rocks Hard” called the band one of the still secret new sensations. The members of Born Guilty
   are all established musicians as they have played the Southern German circuit for some 25 years
   in bands like Easy Livin’, Fishermen’s Friend, DFM, Viscid Viscera, Cycra and many more. There
   have been even more tours and festivals with giants such as Sepultura, Sodom, Deathrow or
   Kreator in the days before Born Guilty.
   Hopefully the best part lies still ahead – when you’re Born Guilty!

   Matthias Seel
– drums     Benoit Gourgues – bass, vocals, keyboards     Frank Scheuermann – guitars, vocals      german